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Reveries of the night.

All I know April is, I want to feel things. Really – feel them, you know. How’s that for an ambition? – Frank Wheeler, Revolutionary Road (2008) That’s my ambition as well, Frank. Insane as it may sound, it does … Continue reading

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Fly, you fools!

‚ÄčIt’s so easy to fool people, Post a happy picture, write a cool caption. The eyes that do not smile, Tell a story of their own, only if you wait for a while. Why are we scared, constantly afraid, Of … Continue reading

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Powering through.

When air becomes suffocating to breath, You’re scraping through. When familiar faces look back through strange eyes, You’re scraping through. When bonds become bondage, You’re scraping through. When you feel like you’re running, even while you’re still, You’re scraping through. … Continue reading

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I am.

Often have I wondered, why do we exist? We are like plague, devastate as we please. Life is not just a four letter word, I have heard that line a million times; But I feel we make pompous meaning out … Continue reading

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Tangled threads…

As I picked up my pen today, I knew I had a lot on my mind, But the pen wouldn’t move as I did not know what to write; Where do I begin from, do I start from the end, … Continue reading

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The one with the monologue, with myself.

Calm down. Take a few deep breaths. It is not the end of the world. You do not need to solve this problem right now. You deserve some time off. I know that spending time at a place which adds … Continue reading

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Of unfulfilled wishes..

Often, in the hollows of our heart, we have wants that just reside. Painful, but true. Absolute. From what I have observed and experienced, here is my try to capture the dynamics of a parent-child relationship, from a child’s perspective; … Continue reading

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