Fly, you fools!

​It’s so easy to fool people,
Post a happy picture, write a cool caption.

The eyes that do not smile,
Tell a story of their own, only if you wait for a while.

Why are we scared, constantly afraid,
Of reaching out?

Well, I can only tell you my side,
I know everyone wishes to confide;

In someone they know they can trust,
In someone they know is pretty robust.

Then why don’t we do that, you may ask?
What is the need, to wear such a happy mask?

It’s because everyone has their own struggle within,
Everyone is trying to win.

Everyone has their own battles,
Everyone’s dreaming of building castles.

Sometimes they do want to be there,
But are locked in their worldly lair.

The only people who stay, are the ones who see the world with you,
Those lives that intertwine, are the ones that will see you through.

Today, it’s easy to wander astray,
Say our goodbyes and stay far away;

To think of ourselves as islands of regret,
Awaiting the merger, into a continent.

Where do I stand, am I ahead of the line?
Just fully being alive for the time being, will be just fine.


About Dhvani Parekh

A simple girl in a complicated world.
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