I am.

Often have I wondered, why do we exist?
We are like plague, devastate as we please.

Life is not just a four letter word,
I have heard that line a million times;

But I feel we make pompous meaning out of nothing,
Searching for water in an expanse of sand mines.

Why do we feel we are important?
What is this obsession with identity that we have?

I am, and therefore is the world,
I am, thus extend my boundaries of real.

If you really think about it, life makes no sense at all,
It’s the fodder of heretics that tells us these lies;

Rationale and logic, connecting the dots,
Of course if you drew random points on a plane, you can connect it nevertheless!

I have searched far and wide, but there is no answer,
Ideologies will differ, but none of them really matter.

We are insignificant, I know I am,
The only difference I seek to make, is in my lifetime.

Scattered are my thoughts, scattered is my spirit,It will have to be unbelievable, for me to give it a try;

Not to fall prey to concepts created by men,
Pay heed to your rhythm, dance to the music of the soul.

Amidst a hundred thousand galaxies, here we are,
Trying to fool ourselves and prove how right we are!

A voice inside me tells me that this is not how it should be,
Maybe this is how it is, but the change you can be.

Throw away notions of happiness and peek into your being,
Do not chase after shadows, they often cause their own undoing.

But what I want is not so easy, especially today,
In a world so bleak, I don’t even need to say.

I am, and so I need to live,
Just existing is not an option, what is the point anyway?

And if I am to live, I would like it to be worthwhile,
Be true to myself, and be the best at what who I am.


About Dhvani Parekh

A simple girl in a complicated world.
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2 Responses to I am.

  1. pdgandhi says:

    This is the greatest thing, I have read in a while!!

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