Tangled threads…

As I picked up my pen today, I knew I had a lot on my mind,
But the pen wouldn’t move as I did not know what to write;

Where do I begin from, do I start from the end,
Do I start from the cause or the mess that I have become?

I know everyone must have felt it, at some point in their lives,
But how come no ones talks about it as they happily disguise?

Questions galore, I had about myself and who I am,
These weren’t the normal career or personal life blues,
These had consequences in real time;

I will ask myself the same questions again tomorrow,
I don’t know what will change in that time,
I just know that I cannot stop, without reason or rhyme;

Have I become a little mechanical, have I lost my emotions?
Have I, in the pursuit of becoming more ‘grounded’, traded for a thousand suns?

Some say it is good to be confused, in what universe is what I ask,
They say bask in the possibilities it creates, I say laugh at the fool it masks;

But I cannot laugh at the way life is taking this turn,
I see failures on the way, from them I cannot really run;

Tomorrow is another day, another arc of the sun,
I can’t think of anything extraordinary that might just happen;

I sense that I just have to keep on going, try to keep my head up high,
Going away somewhere is not the problem, the point is what do I do, when I do get there.

15 - 9

Gazing into a world far away that is out of reach


About Dhvani Parekh

A simple girl in a complicated world.
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2 Responses to Tangled threads…

  1. Lovely write 👌👌

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